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Power & Revolution 2021 Edition PC

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This product includes Power & Revolution 2021 Edition PC.

The top 3 reasons to play Power & Revolution 2021 Edition PC

  1. Play as the pinnacle of nation and amplify your have an impact on around the globe.
  2. Play as the pinnacle of the prison or illegal opposition and capture power!
  3. Gamers can choose the management of simply one country or several simultaneously and design collaborative strategies to alternate the sector‘s destiny.

About Power & Revolution 2021 Edition PC

  • In Power & Revolution 2021 Edition, play as the head of kingdom and expand your have an effect on around the worldby using gambling as several countriesattempt to change the future of our planet with orchestrated moves. Play as the pinnacle of the felony or unlawful opposition and capture strength!
  • Most important new functions for 2021: management of the eu, Covid vaccinations, Biden’s challenge, political coalitions, diplomatic negotiations, international tax and unfastenedtrade agreements.
  • STRATEGY, SIMULATION AND MANAGEMENT – Power & Revolution is a simulation of our current global, recreating its capabilities in-intensity and throughout some of domainsfinancial, political, navy, social, monetary, environmental, lively, transportation…
  • All nations of the arena are represented with their personal functions. The calculation and situation engines encompass more than 100,000 facts, 15,000 texts and 10 hours of recorded talkan in depth and animated 3-D global map helps to aid the gamers, with all of the borders, regions and essential and strategic locations of the sector.
  • The game combines control levels of economics, trade, wargames, production, espionage, simulation, and political have an impact on and manipulation.
  • Gamers can opt for the management of simply one united states or several simultaneously and layout collaborative strategies to trade the arena‘s destiny. There are sport settings throughout multiple domain namesdegree of hobby of terrorist agencieschances of natural failures, reactivity of populations, outbreak of wars. greater than twenty contextual eventualities with current events from present day global are included.
  • 2021: A YEAR OF CHALLENGES! – In 2020, the pandemic flattened economies, sent debt through the roof and expanded economic lack of confidencehowever at the start of 2021, desire become reborn with the appearance of vaccines in opposition to Covid-19: the stop of the fitness disaster and the return of boom are on the horizon and with the inauguration of the new American president, a new era of diplomacy has also started.
  • As head of 1 or several international locations, win the battle in opposition to the virus by way of wearing out a vaccination campaign, revitalize your financial system and pass your pawns on the political chessboard with new strategies: the introduction of birthday party coalitions, negotiations during conferences of heads of countryunfastenedexchange agreements, global taxes, diplomatic tasks (scientific cooperation, scholar exchanges, yr of culture)…
  • In a greatrather practical simulation of the european Union, there are numerous political conundrum to solve if you need to broaden the organisationballoting and institutional operation guidelinesdesignated budgets, new taxes, monetary or social harmonization, business agreements…
  • And there are other challenges to stand: in “Biden’s undertaking“, try to attain your ambitious goals as the brand new American head of kingdomparticipate in the German federal elections and if you win, try and shape a coalition to govern the usa; and with the new worldwide fatality control system, take motion to lessen their impact and restrict the quantity of deaths.
  • A TOTALLY UNIQUE SIMULATION ENGINE – The game engine, Geopolitical Simulator 4consists of over 600 statistics factors for every of the a hundred seventy five playable countries and calculates their adjustments in real time at some stage in the sport based totally on gamers’ movementssome examples encompass popularity rankings, political family members, and economic exchanges between nationsvarious agencieswhich includes NATO, use the technology in the power & Revolution simulator for education and training.
  • Over one thousand playable movementsat the united states’s helm, the player/head of state can act in many regionsprice range, taxation (almost thirty styles of taxes), forexeconomic system (over a hundred thirty economic activities), overseas and domestic affairs, defense, society, hard workfitness, social safetyschoolingenvironment, transportation, culture, and more.
  • Propose bills to be voted on in Parliament, for examplesetting social welfare advantage minimums, changing the retirement age, developing atomic guns in mystery, subsidizing the auto industry, hiring teachers, defining the powers of unions, putting speed limits on roads, regulating prostitution, developing an worldwide movie pageantand so on.
  • The player can also assemble factors on the arena map, with the intention to trade accordingly: nuclear flowers, wind farms, army bases, pipelines, highspeed teach strains, airports, and many more.
  • SIMULATIONS OF MAJOR GLOBAL THREATS – The Geopolitical Simulator 2021 edition simulates all the primary perils that threaten the planet and produces a complete evaluation for every one from the results in conjunction with specific graphics. The listing of threats is large and lots of them are interconnected: international warming, the widening of social inequality, the risk of world atomic warfare, overpopulation, unemployment, atmospheric pollutants, terrorism, cybercrime, local conflicts, meals lack of confidenceinternational hunger, deforestation, herbal disasters (storms, floods, drought, excessive warmness…), rising sea ranges, ocean acidity, disappearance of animal species, climate refugees, epidemics, endocrine-disrupting chemical compounds
  • PLAY AS THE OPPOSITION – At the top of a criminal or unlawful corporation, the player can take power via force, revolution, international relations, or democratic election. To that give upplayers have many actions at their disposal: manipulate the budget of the celebration or unlawful organisation, intervention inside the media, provide balloting recommendation to Parliament, release protest movements, lobbying, manipulation of influential folksfunding or recruitment campaigns, creation of violent cells, purchase navy equipmentenhance an militaryseek allies, have interaction in armed warfare… throughout elections, gamers have to manipulate their marketing campaign financesestablish their political agendacomplete their meeting itinerary, confront their adversary in televised debates…
  • AI CONTROLLED LOBBYISTS AND CHARACTERS – All movements of the participant as head of state or competition have repercussions and lobbies, social organizations, and vital national and international figures will intrude if their artificial intelligence deems necessary (press interviews, resignations, protests, strikes, unrest, blocked roads, wars…).To prevent tensions or forge alliances, the participant can meet any figure throughout the assembly or intervene within the media (extra than 10 hours of discussion in the game).
  • REALISTIC WARGAMES AND CITY BATTLE PHASES – The arena map includes all places of struggle right down to the smallest detail: occupied territories, besieged citiesplaces of army unitsglobal military bases, personnel and equipment of terrorist businesses… As a warlord, gamers can direct all of their gadgets from actual bases at some point of navy conflicts. city battles are proven on specific maps with all of the primary buildings and intersections. The gamersin step with the side they represent, can direct police, hooligans, army personnel or armed extremists to these locations and construct barricades, send in snipers, loot the banks, or have armoured motors pass in.
  • SECRET SERVICES – mystery offerings play an essential positionthey have got an arsenal of espionage and “unique“” operations: monitor scandals approximately an opposing political party, dismantle terrorist networks, sabotage overseas infrastructure, assassinate an opponent, send reconnaissance drones or position satellites to locate enemy gadgetsand so forth.
  • INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS – worldwide organizations (over 50 organizations blanketed) play an critical roleat the UN, as an instance, the player can denounce a state so as to achieve the security Council’s authorization for a navy intervention. The participant also can create his or her own agency.
  • INCLUDES MULTIPLE OPTIONS – Game operating as s singleparticipant with a multi-country mode permitting play with several countries simultaneously • sport settings: terrorist sportsprobabilities of natural failures, reactivity of the populations, outbreak of conflictparticipant ranking online and in real time. Incorporation of your own picstrademarks, names to make the game even extra sensible. Interactive academic and sport help available always all through the game (in amateur mode). study geopolitics by using playing the QUIZZ mode, which include more than 3000 questions. revel in unique configurations with double display or 4K screen imparting a custom designed interface. Avec l’extension Modding tool, (upload-on prochainement en vente sur ce website online), vous aurez la possibilité de créer et de partager vos propres scénarios et contextes géopolitiques ou bien de télécharger ceux des autres utilisateurs. With the Modding device extension (add-on quickly available for purchase in this website), you will be able to create and proportion your personal geopolitical situations and contexts or maybe down load those of other customerstextual content and dialog a hundred% in English.

What are the system requirements?


  • OSWindows 10, 8, 7
  • Processor1.6 GHZ
  • Memory4 GB RAM
  • Storage6 GB available space


  • OSWindows 10, 8, 7
  • Processor2 Ghz , multi-core processor
  • Memory8 GB RAM
  • Graphics3D Video card with 1 Gb or more of dedicated VRAM
  • Storage6 GB available space

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Power & Revolution 2021 Edition PC
Power & Revolution 2021 Edition PC


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